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Hello World!!

By guest, Sep 1 2015 06:30PM

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Dec 1 2016 06:09PM by Linda

This site is just NOTHING.
It says NOTHING.
Are you building cabinets?
Or just design?
Are you doing re-facing?

Is your design same as this site - NOTHING ????

What a shame.

Aug 13 2019 05:36PM by Debra

I hired FK&B years ago to remodel a kitchen in my mobile home. It's absolutely beautiful, I've since moved and rent the property, the kitchen is the primary reason we have good tenants. I've recently payed for new cabinets to be installed in my new home, paid 50 percent down 1 1/2 months ago. No one calls me back, all I can do is leave a message on answer machine. Or be told they'll get back to me but haven't in 4 day's now. I'm not happy. Unfortunately, Glenn has taken a step back from business due to health issues. He is what made it all work. Not sure yet if I need an attorney to get my money back or what. Maybe this post will ignite some correspondence! Yes it is a shame.

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